Bull's Bay, north end

Our first time out this year. Conditions were great. Light wind, moderate current, a little cloud cover. Wife and I followed our normal plan. We arrived at low tide, head to the northern most part of the bay after confirming shrimp on the sonar. We anchor fore, pin aft so we don’t move around then plant a single pole. Threw bait all around the boat and wait about ten minutes. We like the quiet with no engine, no hurry to reload and we get to look around at birds and other creatures. When we hit the bay about 9:45 this morning we passed numerous dolphin pods. Adults and babies, 20 or so. Had me worried they would screw up the day but they swam off. Incoming tide was slow to get moving but once it did we caught shrimp. Not thick, 5-15 per cast. Not huge. I’d say medium to large. No smalls and no jumbos either. Had work commitments so we left shrimp on the bait an hour early. We never stay after 3 feet of tide. Rollers get heavy and make it tough for an old guy to throw. 2 hours and about 1/3 cooler. Not much for by-catch or debris.

I have tried to attach a photo of what I look for on sonar. Candles from the bottom indicate shrimp.

Sounds like a decent first day. As far as I am concerned, a day on the water is never wasted.

"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?

Jgritz one of the best honest posts here in a while. Nice pic of sonar. Keep up the fun.

Thanks for the post. Glad y’all had fun on the water…