Bulls Bay today 10-14

Battled wind and waves solo today. Set up at low in 2 ft of water. Got almost full cooler. Very tough conditions

That is a 1 pint can

what landing did you use

strong work ben. good to hear from ya again

Thanks man… we launch out of garris landing . We went yesterday and got another cooler. We go left out of deep hole area lined up with blue water tower couple hundred yards from shore. Set up at dead low in 2. Foot of water and get them coming in. So many shrimp but nobody in sight?

can you get out of Garris at low tide? Supposed to be low Saturday morning around 8am I think, which is close to when I planned to head out… I draft in about a foot of water, never been to Bulls Bay but plan to try it this weekend, thanks!

'bout time

PM me if you want to get out. I have tags too but no clue how to do this fun.