Bulls Bay

Hey guys I’ve been shrimping now for a few years with some moderate success in different locations and was wanting to try bulls bay but I have heard some stories of this being a pretty rough area if you don’t know it. Not looking for secret spots or anything but any tips, areas, boat ramps, suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also was wanting to try this in the daytime due to living about 2 hours away and not wanting to be driving home late at night…Opinions greatly appreciated… Thanks in advance

06 Xpress,Yamaha TLR 70


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Yamaha 250

Shoot me a text and I’ll let you know when I’m going out…you’re welcome to follow me…someone did it for me

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The north end is pretty easy to navigate. My advice is put in the north end, then follow the boats and put your poles in the area where you see other boats
South end can be very tricky if you don’t know your way.