Bushy Park after 6 month delay

Read many reports while recovering from total hip replacement. Managed to get around and get all the storage boxes together. It was a bit depressing looking at those nice fishes being caught, Penfish and dad crabbing, OPTIKER landing that nice trout, my partner fishing tourney (Summerville club). Finally got my mid-term results from the Dr and he gave the ok that I could hit the waters. Had a new and needed platform seat install last week and then I felt I was ready. Watching the news and tides and felt the weekend was a wash. Watched closely Sunday morning and it appear they (Meagan Live5) got it wrong again. Loaded up at 8:00, low tide at 10:00 so I knew I had an hour to get to Bushy. Started slow getting around on a cane but managed well. Caught a few small trouts for starters but the feel of something on the line was great. Then off to a few other spots and found a few nice Trouts

18.5" 2lbs. This made my day

Got 3-16"-17" but not as thick as the Bigboy

Poochee felt she had to get in the photo. Small flounder with everything caught on swim baits. Camera crapped out on my first day out but the celle worked well. Beautiful day on the water and glad the weather went else where.:smiley:

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Glad you are back on the waters Eric! I’ll notify the fish that the KOBP is back so they better be wary. Look forward to seeing you and my new friend Leo on the waters

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I was wondering what happened to you as I always enjoy your posts. Glad to see you back posting and as usual, catching. Good on you to get back in the game, cane and all. I wish you a full recovery and hope you are better than new!

Good to see you back at it, FR. Did you catch any reds to complete the slam? Regardless, 2/3 of a slam on your first trip ain’t too shabby!

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Welcome back!

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Thanks fellows and I’m feeling great after all the pain of the past couple years. I couldn’t find a red in none of the holes I fish. Other than that small flounder I were only getting the trouts. Some of you guys hadn’t posted in a while; had me wondering if fish were still in the rivers with all this cold weather back to back. looks like this week is somewhat of a mild repeat. Here comes the shut down of trout catching until Sept sometime. I just enjoy a tight line even if it’s a cat on the that hook when it comes to the boat.1

“Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education”

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I think i may have seen you and your dog at the boat ramp this morning. If not, somebody has the same kind of dog and life jacket as you, lol. Nice trout!

Your definitely correct as for me and Poochee hitting the waters. These past few days were windy as heck. Couldn’t quite cast or feel the bites. 2 Reds (tagged) and a couple trouts (also released. Fished Clouter both days

“Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education”

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