Bushy Park question

Thinking about heading up to bushy park in the morning, tides are looking like right around 4am is high and right around 10 is low… My question is if I put in at 7am, right in between the tides, would there be enough water? I have seen plenty of boats get stuck so I just want to avoid that altogether. Thanks

should be OK if you put in that early…getting in is not really the issue ere - getting BACK is. water in the approach is generally “real skinney” about 2hrs befor/after tide change…bring extra water and some snacks…you never know when you may find yourself “sunning:” until the tide changes…Good Luck…

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I have fished bushy a lot and have never been stuck.

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I was out at Bushy Saturday morning 30 mins prior to low tide till about 1 hour after tide change with my camera, trying to document water conditions and the silting problems for boaters using that ramp. I watched a nice Parker come in that a crabber owns and he stayed on a plane till close to the dock with no problems. On the other hand, I watched boats from 15ft to around 27ft churn silt all the way out with motors tilted almost out of the water. The tide was a +.5 according to my chart. What was interesting was that two crabber’s followed a different line in than the boater’s took out. He was coming in when I arrived, so no pic’s but I did talk to another crabber that said that was the best line in at low tide. Sort of like this ( on the up-river side. I didn’t get all the pic’s I wanted (no one grounded) so I will try again. I’m hoping to get the “save Bushy” thread that I started a few years back some media attention.

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There is also a boat ramp that I rarely see anyone using under 526 near the navy shipyards, but you have to be careful of high tide there, anywhere close to high tide and you wont be able to go under the tresle(sp?)

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You dont want to go to that ramp at night.

Also, going out, I hit something and bent my prop under the trestle to the right of the beam. Be careful.

you hit rocks. cant go under it on the right side when your going out, have to go down the middle.

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Optiker, check your PM’s. I have some info.

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attached is my original Save Bushy doc and the bmp is what Patrick did for me. I will also send you a link to the pics I took last saturday although I really didn’t get what I was looking for. I don’t wish bad luck on anyone, but had hoped to see something similar to what happened a month ago. I didn’t have my camera, but four guys in a Trophy cuddy were high and dry about half way in. The boat was actually leaning over exposing the hull.

I don’t know how I can be of assistance, other than being a concerned boater, but I am availiable. Your Club does have some well known names in the boating community and I can understand your reluctance to not use media without documentation, but I still feel the issue should be shown, without placing blame or cause. A simple video could be sent to political figures, illustrating the problem. It could be time consuming to put everything together and still not get results.

The boat ramp area is not considered a navigable waterway by the Army Coastal Engineers, but they would have to be convinced to come on board in order for dredging to take place. Just dredging will not provide a long term solution. I am by no means an authority on hydraulics, water flow or the like, but I know what I have witnessed happen over the years. The water is always stagnate.

What if a huge collection pipe was installed up-river and diverted to the ramp area. It would become self-flushing at tide change.

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Sent some emails out. I am hoping to at least get someone to admit a problem exists. I remember when I parked way down the road due to parking problems. Not a problem anymore.