Bushy Park today

fished last of outgoing and first of incoming in one of the smaller creeks down near yellowhouse. Caught about 20 trout, most just under but a couple nice keeper size released. The bite was VERY subtle, and I tried gulps shrimp, z-man paddlers, but only trout tricks worked and for the first time (for me anyhow) I had to work them slow and steady with the rod tip down and kind of dragging them across the bottom.

Sounds like the TT is the ticket. Thanks for the report!

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i spent the day just north of bushy park up a feeder creek toward the BP rec center and dock, 1 keeper trout 17 in, 1, flounder and a 12 in bass?, i caught the trout on slow troll with electric chicken and a Z-Minnow behind the boat and the trout chose the Z-Minnow, i caught the flounder in a hole literally dragging the Z-minnow along the bottom on 1/8 oz jig, and the bass hit the Z-minnow as well, so my favorite electric chicken let me down, now i have another artificial to use, and i am going to try the now famous Trout Tricks as well

mdl - your discovery on the way to effectively present the lure is spot-on and exactly what I found last Friday.

paint - The man who makes the TT is Bob Sanders. See another thread on him. He had a stroke, not a heart attack. He is making steady progress. The trout trick supply chain is still in-tact to my knowledge, and the best way to help him (a local businessman) in his time of need is to buy more TT’s. Thanks.

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thanks, i just figured it out and was on my way back to delete my heart attack rumor, i will buy a bag of the TT for bob

Once you figure out how to retrieve the TT, it is very productive!!