Bushy spot tail

They was hitting it pretty good today. The population and size sure has improved since they started regulating them.Does anyone know when saltwater fishing licenses started?


Only reason I remember 1992 was that I got a free pass by DNR for not having a saltwater stamp, the license came out in 2002.

Here’s a cool summary of it Sman.



At least as far back as 1963 because I have one my grandfather was issued that year. I’d have to look but I think it was $3.

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Yessir! You have to love those trips. Need to get on the river soon! What were they eating?

Tequila sunrise worm on a red eye strike jig head until they tore that up and then I put on a trout trick that was in the bottom of the boat. I think they would have bit anything.Would have probably tried some other lures but it started raining and my arm was getting sore.

Was the water dirty? It’s bad dirty here

I wish I’d tied on a skitter walker.Usually have one rigged up but I didn’t get out there at daybreak.Would have been nice to get one on top water since I have not done that in a year or so.Oh well,heckuva nice short trip.

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Not bad dirty after the water started running hard.

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