Bushy W, T & Friday

Hit the waters early (6:40) Wednesday morning with my neighbor Charles pulling in right behind me. Pushed to one of the points at Bushy with the trouts and reds tighting line pitch after pitch. Fished it for an hour or so with lots of action. Charles done the same where he was and texted that he was looking for a flounder to complete the slam. I was looking for a flatty also and pushed on up the Cooper and found a small flounder and headed for the hill around 10:30.
Thursday morning got and early start and caught a few Reds and trouts and for a second day they all were small with only one slot with all swimming away.
Friday morning Charles and I were at Bushy early and as I dropped the boat and started out the engine pushed shortly and i felt I lost my Lower unit but with an idle the motor got me back to the landing. Pulled the prop and saw where the spline had ate up most of the rubber. Took it to the Prop shop quick repair and back home for install and test. Back in business. After DR. Appt today may hit it again.

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Good report Sir. The magic continues.