calm like a bomb and Mulvey...

hey, remember me? I think I just had the luckiest play so far in this game! TMA bought at $1.08 and sold at $1.48. And I got screwed with the market sell order AGAIN! it should have filled around $1.65, which would have been another $209K. guess you can’t complain when you get lucky huh?

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i was watching your trade. I think it got filled lower due to the quantity. It must have had to take alot of transactions to cover the 1.2 million shares.

Bonzo…you outsmarted yourself with the three limit orders that the stock price never got to after you placed them.

It was @ $1.51 when you placed the sell order @ 10:13…it was filled at 10:33…they did screw you out of $147,720…it should have filled at $1.60 @ 10:33

3/11/08 10:13 AM
3/11/08 10:33 AM

Either way it was a pauper to Prince move…from the basement to the Penthouse.

I’m just glad you did not cash it out when it reached $1.74…:face_with_head_bandage:

I’m pretty much stuck riding the Wachovia train for now…

like I said, I got a little lucky. TMA had been beaten silly over the whole mortgage scare when they actually have a pretty good book right now. When I heard Bill Gross from PIMCO had bought into TMA bigtime I said what the hell. I made some real money on that move too. I mean NICE! Thanks to the Fed for today’s action. Now I’ll throw it all into KRY and see what happens.

Calm, yea, I was counting on the 20 minute delay to work in my favor but it never cancelled the original market order. I thought it should have filled at $1.60 as well.

JDM, I wouldn’t think that volume would have anything to do with a game. Could be wrong but a fill is a fill, you know? it just seems a lot of people on our game have gotten screwed by the VSE man.

PALMETTO C ~ 16’ Sea Fox

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I believe the game goes off of actual trades, I think I read that in the rules. TMA’s average daily volume is almost 10 million. When looking at the vlume this morning to fill the 1.2 million shares you would have to take all the trades from opening bell until about 10:30. I think it took the average trading price of all those transactions to fill the order.

Then there were 2.

■■■■ Mulvey…that was a good race there…

I peed my pants and left $48,621 in the dumper…

WHY CAN YOU NOT CANCEL A F’N ORDER IN THIS GAME:question::question::question::question: