Camera - Olympus TG-1

While there is a lot of talk about the GoPro video camera I wanted a camera that was compact, waterproof, had HD video, shock proof and a built in GPS. The 2 that Best Buy had in stock was the Nikon and Olympus.

After reviewing the write-ups on line I decided to go with the Olympus. It is also crush proof (not sure what that means to what extent). There are way too many setting on the camera. 2 for underwater (40 feet) but one of the most unusual is a cat or dog setting. When the camera is set on one of those and your dog’s face is in center of the frame it takes the picture automatically.

I also wanted a camera that took picture in a very rapid mode and this one with take 60 picture in a second (I think I read that right). there are 4 different setting for this mode.

The only problem (besides learning how and where everything is on the camera) is the way you charge the battery. It has to be charged in the camera. When I bought the camera I bought a bundle package with an extra battery and would like to be able to charge it while using the camera.

Has anybody used this camera?

I have had the Olympus TG-610 for over a year now and have loved it. Carry it on the kayak and boat, snorkled with it in the Keys and it takes good photos. Pentax has a new one out that looks pretty good as well.