Camping and Night Fishing Help at Murray

Hey Guys,
I drove around Lake Murray a little yesterday. 22 years ago I camped at Snellgrove’s landing one week and fished at the dam. It was August and it was hotter than 40 hells, but the stripers were biting like crazy. I caught a 20 pounder that week. Well, I see that Snellgrove’s is now closed. Is there a place near the dam where one can camp and fish. I bought a map, and it looks like there is not. Is there a place where you can rent a room or small cabin so you don’t have to take your boat out of the water between fishing trips?
Also, when y’all fish at night for stripers, do you use lights like the crappie fishermen do?

While it’s not near the dam, Dreher Island state park has camping. They also have several cabins you can rent. I don’t fish at night for stripers but I have friends that do. They typically fish around docks that have low hanging street lamps. Throw a bucktail in the area and you should do well.

You can try calling Putnam’s Landing as well. They used to rent trailers, and had camping spots available. They also keep live herring for bait.

Last time I checked, Putnam’s is closed.

When did you hear this? I was there 2 weeks ago and bought bait and picked up a friend. I know they weren’t doing much when the water was down, but I think they are in the swing of things now.

I haven’t been there since the winter. Good to hear they are back open.

The cabins at dreher island are reservation only during the summer months.


Pop you a tent on Wessinger or Suzie Ebert island…Its free and has nice area for tents.Boat stays in water in front of you. Dip in the lake for a shower.

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I’ve spent many a night on Suzie Ebert back when I use to duck hunt up there. I could not imagine camping in this heat though. I was up there Sunday for a family day on the lake and it was hot!!!
Hows the fishing been? Have you been to the coast lately?

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Suzie Ebert is about a mile from my house by water. We’'l have to camp when it cools off. A buddy of mine limited out on spottails last week actually caught about 28 total. Shoot me an email or give me a call and I will tell you where he went.