Can't catch fish - what am I doing wrong

I have been a member for a decade, but have not been able to make it to club meetings the past few years due to Cub Scout commitments on the same night. June is normally one of the few months I feel confident enough in my fishing skills to take some friends and their kids fishing. However, this June has been terrible for me. We have caught 0 - 3 fish each of the last 5 trips. Is anyone else having the same trouble or is it just me? My sister and her two girls are coming here Tuesday night from Houston, Tx and I was planning to take them fishing on Wed or Thur morning - - something I have wanted to do for almost 10 years. However, unless I can get some help, I may take them to float down the river here in Columbia one morning and go shoot skeet the other morning. (I went fishing Sunday night after the storms on a scouting mission and found some at the towers, but could not entice a bite.) I would greatly appreciate any thoughts, suggestions or advice (even if that is to find something else to do with my nieces this week). I think I have a copy of the current midlands striper map. Thank you in advance for any suggestions you can provide.

The bite this year has been … well … unusual to say the least … the fish still haven’t started stacking up in the big pool like they typically do … Believe it or not there are a lot of ppl fishing the towers that ordinarily would not fish them … I know ppl that are still pulling planers right now … Like I said, Stripers aren’t acting normal for this time of year …

If I were fishing right now I would try the humps from Pine Island down to Yacht Cove and/or from the spillway through the mouth of Jake’s up to 18 mile … Most of the fish we’ve seen have been in the 30 - 50 foot range in those areas … and a lot of them are small, but we’ve manged a few 8-9 pound fish mixed in …

Good Luck …

… it’s my Wife’s fault we HAVE to fish !!!

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I fished at the towers Wednesday night caught 7 about 300 yards out toward ramp. Fished Thursday night and limited out on condo side of towers. All fish were caught in the 50 to 60 ft range. 8 of our 10 Thursday night were keepers. The bite really turned on both nights about 10 o’clock pm. Rode over to the towers last night trying a friends boat out about 9 o’clock and there was 7 boats behind the towers 5 boats had fish on.

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