Cape Romain

Does anyone know about fishing Cape Romain? Is there any local lodging or Campgrounds? I really want to go out and Surf Fish off the Cape. Can you kayak out to the cape?


buckhall campground, yes you can kayak- it will be a long paddle.

can you, yes should you hell no

Hellll no you can’t kayak from there. It’s what…? 8/10 miles to the open ocean…?? Hire a guide or someone to drag you out there if you don’t have a boat. Think what would happen if you cut your foot open on an oyster shell or something. It is an awesome place, but you need a motor boat, and some experience in the area.

It’s not a short haul for sure…and if the weather turns on you you’d have a tough time of it getting back…

miss’n fish’n

Sea Squirt 16

It’s 18 miles round trip from Buck Hall to the lighthouse and back. That’s one hell of a paddle.

Sounds like some good advice! Really looks like a great location. Just like all dreams will take alot of planning to make come true, but will definately be on the list of must do’s. Sounds like a trip I will have to take my boat and kayak.