Capers is a go!(weather permitting)

Heading out at noon and coming back at 2 from Capers the next day. This is our first trip out together and would love to have others join. Going to be great fishing, relaxing and way to meet. Call me at 609-9300 or email at for info on getting permit(free) and best way to go. Outgoing is noon for the way out(knowing we will leave at 1) and tide heading in at 1 on the way back. We look forward to it. Talk to you soon.

The wife and i plan on going out there sometime during the first two weeks in June!!

Wilderness Systems Ride 135

When are you headed out Shaun? Yak, if your wanting to be alone with your wife, that’s cool, but if your not against company, let me know. My wife is leaving Sat. and will be gone for a month, so I have off in early June, apart from work M-F.


We have permit in hand for June 30th and July 1st…capers here we come!!!

Wilderness Systems Ride 135

Well, this is disappointing. Third trip in a row that weather has spoiled. Debating just driving and camping somewhere that I can fish from and she can read her Kindle. Anyone know anywhere that is a good private camp near good fishing? Probably not gonna happen but depends…

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