Capers Island

I’ll be heading to capers island this weekend for some camping. What’s my best bet as far as fish are concerned? I’ll be mostly stuck on the beach surf fishing, so I figure whiting and rays are gonna be about it.

Make sure you call in your camping permit

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Already got it sorted out

There is an area where the beach runs out into marsh. If you have your boat with you, i would work my way down the grass line. There are some oysters so be carful. A little farther down is a dock for people to tie up to if they want to see the islands interior. Throw some cut bait (i would suggest crabs, there are TONS of blue crabs walking just below the surface so you can just scoop them up) and see what happens. That dock is also bound to hold sheepshead and if you hike a bit into the island you will find a little community of them. good hunting!

sorry by them i meant fiddler crabs

I’ve been wanting to camp on Capers. What’s involved in getting a permit? Are you allowed to tie up to the dock overnight?

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Camping a Capers is a blast…here is the info you need

You cannot tie up to the dock overnight though…

What’s the recommended thing to do with the boat overnight? Do you just anchor it up in water deep enough to withstand the tide cycle? I’m not sure I’d be able to sleep wondering at what point my anchor would break free and I’ll have to go swimming after my boat!

Two anchors, one off the bow and one off the stern. Keeps the boat in place. If you are going to let it sit up high and dry as the tide goes out, make sure you aren’t positioned over a ledge/drop off.