Car Buying Services?

As much as I hate the prospect of having to do so, we’re in the market for a new car. Well, not “new” new but new to us. Some unlicensed and uninsured turd decided to drive recklessly and now my wife’s car is totaled. So , now we get to look for a replacement vehicle.

Not buying new, just don’t want to drop that kind of cash for what she wants. Looking for a used, late model SUV. I’ve seen a bunch of ads for car buying services but, I don’t know anyone that has used one. Has anyone used Carvana, Vroom or any other online sites to buy a car? If so, would you mind sharing who you used and what your experience was like?

I dread having to look for a car so anything I can do to ease the pain would be good. Thanks

Sure wish I could help, sorry for your troubles. Hope the wife didn’t get hurt. From listening to a few recently, it doesn’t take a lot to total a vehicle now a days. Wife is looking to swap her car for a truck, so keep us posted what you find please.

Never bought a car from CarMax, but I enjoyed looking there. All the vehicles on the lot are unlocked. No pressure; you just walk around alone and find something you like, then go back inside and talk to someone about a test drive. I liked this approach because there were several trucks that I really liked there, but when I opened the door, you got hit in the face with cleaners masking smoke. I knew immediately those weren’t for me. It saved me time. All the similar vehicles were in the same spot too. You didn’t have to search all over. Trucks were here, SUVs were there, and sedans over there. Easy peasy.

You can also search their computers inside and they will deliver anything you find to that location. Depending on the type of car, there could/could not be a delivery fee, but I think if you purchase it that fee gets waved.

The only thing I don’t like about these new “dealers” nowadays is that its very difficult to haggle. People are just paying what these places say to pay. I don’t know how that started, but I blame the millennials.

KBB doesn’t help much these days, but there is some good information on Truecar.

And in the past, SCFCU has always had the best rates. Get approved for the loan before you go. Some of these places do financing, but you know how it is. Do your homework first so at least you know when you’re getting screwed. :upside_down_face:

Thanks guys. She has a bad friction burn on one leg and some bruising/soreness but thankfully she will be okay. She is a tough little bird.

This is going to sound morbid, but here goes.

My wifes mom is at an assisted living place for the past 18 months and I see lots of cars getting sold off cheap.

I know, I know,but a Nissan Titan with 30K miles left there a month ago for $12,000. It was a few years old, but still…

Hi DFreedom. Just checking in, possibly regarding the obvious but did your UI Coverage kick in from your auto policy?

Yeah, unfortunately MY insurance is going to have to cover our losses. I have good insurance and great company so I’m not worried about dealing with them. I just know what we get for her car won’t near cover the difference on a replacement.

It makes me so mad to think about how many people are driving with no insurance and all they get is a slap on the wrist. The state minimum is a joke but, it is the lawyers/legislators that refuse to increase and protect the people of SC.

Fortunately my wife was not seriously hurt so we’re thankful for that.

That and inventory. You are right 23, buying a vehicle is not the same as it once was. You used to be able to walk away from a deal and later that day or the next the salesman would call you and say… “I talked with my manager and we can go just a little lower…” The only leverage I had in my last purchase was the dealer wanted my old truck.

Yeah, I go into a dealership pretty much with a chip on my shoulder and tell them, “I am not buying today, I am getting prices.” I tell them I want their best price now and will go to other dealers to get their best prices. “If yours is the best, I’ll buy from you, if not, no hard feelings”. I don’t really like haggling but, not being able to do so puts you in a position of weakness. The current state of car sales certainly doesn’t help matters. Went to look at Subaru just because we never have and were told they would not even be able to get us a car until late October or November. It is hard to negotiate when they have nothing.