Carolina Dog

Anyone know anything about Carolina Dogs? Have had numerous people down at the beach tell me my dog looks like a Carolina Dog.

Searched the web and he sure looks like one. AKC doesn’t recognize them as of now, so DNA test will tell nothing.

Here is a couple pictures.

your pictures did not come through…we rescued a dog and some have also said she looks like she has some Carolina/Dixie/Dingo dog in her…

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Read the post below on how post to pics.

Let’s try again.

Finally got pics.

Nice dog, Bonz. She’s a little bigger than Lawson. He weighs a little over 40 lbs.

They are supposed to be the only dog there is that is almost 100% the product of natural selection.Oddly they cover up there poop like a cat.

Biscuit is only 40lbs and the vet expects her to stay about that size…she scratches grass over her poop, but doesn’t really “cover” it up…she does have something in her that wants to burrow in the ground and dig up the moles…If I let her she’d have half the yard dug up this Spring…
also, Lawson has that “flametop” coat…does he have a really super soft coat?
oh, and does he happen to hop straight up in the air when he wants something? Biscuit is like a fricken vertical bunny rabbit…

The Morris Island Lighthouse

He does the courtesy scratch.

He does dig the “snoot” holes. Good way to break an ankle when you’re cutting the grass.

Eats anything he can catch, bugs, birds, bees, grass snakes, & slow rabbits if I don’t stop him. Got sting on the lip trying to eat a yellow jacket. Can’t catch the squirrels.

His coat is not soft. Actually, it is kind of rough. Sheds a lot for a short-haired dog.

He does a little dance for treats. Jumping, turning, and spinning. As Warren Zevon said he’s an excitable boy.

Doesn’t like strangers, he is very protective. Warms up pretty quick once he knows they are ok.

I used to sit on the front of Bonzo’s boat… before Biscuit came along…

May all your favorite bands stay together…

Y’all opened a cool subject. Never heard of this breed before? From what I googled sounds like they started in the SRS. Pretty weird stuff to have an actually wild dog that bred up in our state and remained a “pure” breed.

Got me scratching my head over the legitimacy of this one. Dingo in America?

“If Bruce Jenner can keep his wiener and be called a woman, I can keep my firearms and be considered disarmed.”

Looks a lot like most dogs in countries where dogs aren’t thought of as pets. They roam around and breed and all look a lot alike. Carolina dog sounds better than “mutt” though. (Not knocking mutts…they are usually very smart and very healthy.)

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I used to sit on the front of Bonzo’s boat… before Biscuit came along…

let’s take her to the jetties for some sheeps soon!

The Morris Island Lighthouse

Have had one with a bit thicker coat - smartest dog I’ve ever had