Carolina Squat

About time! I guess I’m m turning into that grumpy ole man already haha

One of the dumbest truck mods I have ever seen. It screams, “I’m a moron”.

I hope they continue to enforce it!

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Love it. Guessing that’s 4” bumper to bumper instead of wheel to wheel?

What a waste of money, resources,
and public road space

If I actually see an officer with a tape measure, I’m gonna stop and cheer him on

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Yeah that’s right
And stay off my lawn!

Dang ole whippersnappers and their shenanigans!

That looks painful

But, he had it coming, lol

Dayum, Darwin’s hand on the wheel

There’s a bunch of ole farts on here that are just jealous they can’t climb up into one of these :laughing: