Cast It Forward Update

Hi gang,

Just wanted to post an update on our upcoming Cast It Forward oyster roast, benefiting Release Over 20, on Feb 5th. In addition to the oysters we will have good ol’ southern barbeque; and also a food truck option (for less $) if you’re not into either of those. And live music by Southbound 17.

We have our lineup pretty well filled in, and have the following speakers / panels.

“Charleston Fishing, Then and Now”, featuring Ralph Phillips and Mike Able Sr. Mike and Ralph (along with Zed White) were two of three original guides in Charleston back in the day. In my opinion, everyone’s idea of what fishing used to be is relative to their own experiences. Mike and Ralph will reset your idea of what used to be, and perhaps could be possible again. I’ve heard the stories from both of them in private conversations. I think hearing of how thing used to be will be mind blowing to most of us. If you wouldn’t mind, please respond to this post by answering this question. If you had one question to ask these two, what would it be? Panel will be moderated by Tommy Braswell.

“Women in Fishing” This panel will be great because we have four women anglers representing different aspects of the fishing industry. Pamela Corwin, outreach director for SCDNR; Kelsey Dick, marketing director for Shimano North America (and a VERY accomplished angler in her own right); Capt Tanya Dowdy, she is a charter captain for ReelChica charters; and Mandy Henderson, an avid recreational angler in Charleston. Panel will be moderated by Pamela Browning, publisher of the Post and Courier and also an avid angler.

“Strategies to Target Gator Speckled Trout”, featuring Capt. Matt Chipperfield from Jacksonville Florida. If you’re an avid trout angler, no doubt you’ve heard of Matt. Matt has a degree in marine biology and uses his education and analytical mind to understand seatrout behaviors to better target giant trout. This will be a can’t miss discussion for the serious inshore angler

Forgot to add: Use code CASTITRO20 for $5 off your ticket.

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