Cast Net

I am sure this has been asked many times but…
I am looking for a saltwater cast net 3/8" mesh 7 to 8 ft.
Any suggestions on one that will not break the bank?

This looks decent. Was thinking about getting one of these myself

The link wouldn’t work for me but I searched on ebay & think I found it. I didn’t see how much weight per foot it has & from what I have seen for saltwater it is best to use one with 1.5# / ft.
Can anyone confirm 1# / ft will work fine or best to stick with 1.5# / ft?

I keep 2 nets on that boat 6ft&8ft. The 6-foot net is 1lb
The 8ft is is a pound and a half. They both sink just fine. Not a big fan of Bass pro shop. But that’s usually where I get my nets. Get the gear guard. if you tear it up that will replace it. Go with the lead not the steel.

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For the money, I like fitec cast nets. I use them to shrimp with in the fall and they are very good quality. Looks like a fitec 8’ 3/8" super spreader is 50-60 bucks. Try to get it with the japanese monofilament which is not so “fluffy”. They are located in Memphis TN and are very helpful with special orders etc.

Thanks guys, I will check those out.

Barracuda makes solid cast nets.

I personally think it’s worth spending a little extra money on a quality net, and I have two Black Pearl nets 8’ and 12’

I agree with BLP2020. Fitec makes a really nice net. Go to and check out their clearance page. I bought a net from there a couple years ago at about 1/2 price of their new ones and this net had only been used as a show display.


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Badbob is giving solid advice here. Strong deals on clearance for a typical cast net.

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Anyone ever used one of those chain weighted cast nets?? I’m thinking they might be good for fall shrimping. Only problem is that they dont come in a suitable /legal shrimp mesh size.

Bought a Betts Old Salt (5’ with 3/8 mesh) a few years ago and has held up well, would buy again. Check out Amazon Warehouse for deals, just be mindful of condition listed…

Thanks for the heads up on Fitec Clearance, good option as well.