Cast nets

Sold all the tackle and rods, still got a couple cast nets up for grabs

4 foot for $25 OBO
6 foot for $35 OBO

$50 for both. I can text pics if interested

Text Derek at 843-714-1155. I live in Park Circle for pickup. Make me an offer, stuff is just collecting dust

Any specs on the rods?

1860 G3 DLX

Carp Crusade Bowfishing

ill check when i get off today on the rods

one is a shimano 6’ 6" fast action i believe

the other is a custom so no real specs per say… its probably more of a medium action. great rod for top water plugs

“mr keys”

Rods and reels are gone. Updated with what I got left. Make an offer

“mr keys”