Cast Nets

I’ll be in Charleston in a few weeks and looking for input on the best all around cast net for the area for inshore fishing from my boat. Size, mesh size, weight, brand? Thanks.

Resscue; most any 4-6 footer 3/8 - 1/2 mesh will work fine , if you’re not familiar with useing one this is a very informitive video…hope this helps !!!

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Great, thank you.

I like a Betts 1/2" in 5’ or 6’. Be warned, it seems the new thing to do on “cheap” cast nets is to use plastic dipped lead; heck it may not even be lead, probably just some plastic dipped steel. Anyway… I think these large clunky weights slow the net when sinking. IMO you want to see the lead weights around the perimeter. good luck.


Haddrell’s will sell you a great net and show you how to throw it. Call them in advance and they’ll make sure you’re set up.

Capt. Garry Coats
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Plan on checking out haddrells soon. Got here a week ago nd ready to hit the water soon!

Russcue, stop by and chat with me, if you’re at Dolphin Cove I’m your closest Haddrell’s.

I recommend 6’ for most people, but some people have a larger learning curve than others so smaller is better.

I’m here most days but if I’m not here I have employees that will help you.

Give me a shout with any questions.

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Will do, Simon. Went by the one in mount pleasant yesterday. Nice store.