catch of the week: Dodge Intrepid w/pic

Anyone else have the chance to see this at Wappoo Cut Landing?


I saw it Fish. My suspicions are Busch Light, sunburn, and quite possibly a serious dumbass. I saw the divers in the water hooking up the car, but missed them pulling it up the ramp.

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Well it turns out it was a stolen car (reported stolen in 2009). Happens all the time, Sol Legare landing is an underwater car lot from what I hear…

I pulled up to Bulow landing one morning and found a brand new Chevy Trailblazer in the middle of the river as well. Stolen as well and just dumped in the river. Whats wrong with people these days?

Here’s a pic

If I had a Dodge Intrepid I would have dump it as well…

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I heard the CG alerts to the “recovery” of a vehicle at Wappoo boat landing on the VHF on Saturday. I thought someone must have gotten a little “loose” putting a boat in. THat car must have been in the water for awhile. What finally brought it to someone’s attention??

Dang should have left it for a reef since it had been there a while

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wonder how many sheeps were in the cab when they found it. yellow looks like sea whip, which means at least a couple months underwater?

guessing no fingerprints will be recovered from that one…

yea, that caused us to have to take out at the fire station instead…tried to drop a fiddler in the window before they pulled this one up, but the po-po gave me the eye so we went on our way…

The Morris Island Lighthouse

that will buff right out…

Craigs list ad in a week:

2006 Dodge Intrepid for sale, brand new interior!

I would have liked to have seen a side scan on the car…

…because everything is a conspiracy!!!