Catching blue runners, etc. in Charleston

Looking to find some king baits other than menhaden.
I know the method for finding live bait for bottom fishing is to sabiki around the shipping channel cans. Is there anything you can do to increase the percentage of blue runners or similar jacks instead of bsb or pinfish.

Find some deep spots in the folly river behind folly beach and use one of the stability rigs with 4 hooks not the tiny hooks bit about a # 6Put a small pie of white skin cut fish and get it to the bottom and put it in the rod holder and don’t touch it until it is bent over strong. You will catch ribbon fish Big evil looking teeth look like a tapered piece of silver. They stay alive better than menhaden and bump troll dead really well. Kings love them

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usually get my ribbonfish from Haddrell or West Marine. Sometimes we’ll catch them deep holing for shrimp.
I need to just go spend some time sabiking around the cans and see what’s there.

As we get past the hottest days they seem to congratulate in the Folly

You know any spots for Ribbons in Ashley. Harbor, etc. for us on the Ashley side?

Years ago there were good numbers of ribbons caught under the Ravenel Bridge during the heat of the summer when it was the Cooper River Bridge. I’m not sure if the dredging has changed that, but its certainly worth a try.

Thanks, Sails, will try there.