Catching trout and flounder

We went out last Saturday mostly to enjoy the water. I don’t get too excited about fishing the weekends but my friend Nick and his wife Jasmine can’t take off during the week - especially this time of year. They own Dunes Heating and Air Conditioning. Once the weather cools down and the heaters come on, they get really busy!

I knew it was going to be busy on the water when I saw trucks with trailers on the side of the road before the gates. I don’t know how you guys are about loading and unloading at a busy landing but I still get nervous.
I’ve heard it referred to as “The show”. You’re either watching it or part of it. I’ve been both. Loved watching “The Show” at about five o’clock with a drink in my hand at Morgan Point Bar and Grill …

Anyway, we made a run to Price Inlet and fished the secondary creek where we caught all those trout the week before. They were still there but not in the numbers like before. We were in about seven or eight foot of water and the trout mostly seemed to be suspended in about two to five feet. If your soft plastic got hit early swimming it slowly it was a trout. If it got to the bottom and you got hit, it was a flounder.

We were all throwing 3 inch zman paddle tail swim baits in various colors with little success until Nick broke off. I tied him on an eye strike jig head with a pearl white “slim swim” and he started catching a few so we all switched over to a similar color of the same bait and the fishing picked up.

Remember the scene from “Jaws” where all the boats are out because of the bounty put on sharks and all those boats were bumping into each other and it was a mad house? That’s what I was reminded of fishing that creek Saturday. It was great getting them on fish though.

As per usual the video is linked at the top for anyone interested.

And if you ever need a heat and air guy you won’t find a more honest guy than Nick.

Kerry Browning

Dune’s heating and air. sponsor for your YouTube channel? Hahaha…
Yep the boat landing can be very entertaining. As you say the show. Last year 4th of July I sat about an hour and a half at the picnic table watching the show. Should have had some cards for fiberglass repair. Number of boats bumped/slam into each other & the dock. People dropping things in the water slipping and falling on the dock. People arguing. As you said the show.good entertainment.
Y’all sure had a pretty day on the water.

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Hahaha. Yeah, he called my last night laughing and swearing he would get even with me for showing him dropping his rod in the water twice! He’s a super guy. I guess he would qualify as a sponsor. He bought beer and wine at Sewee Outpost on the way back for oysters at our creek house.

For the guy I met on the water here is my cell
843 360 2867

Very cool you guys caught fish. Glad to hear your wife is now addicted! Text me and I’ll put you on some other spots.

Ralph and I made it down your way last Friday and all the obvious spots that we know of were covered up. I was surprised, especially for a winter weekday, but then again, I wasn’t surprised

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If you’re speaking of the racks or pipes you have to get there early. I don’t even fish them until it gets cold enough to run off most people. I find it pretty unsatisfying. But, then again, I’m not much on bottom fishing with a Carolina rig and dead shrimp or cut mullet.

Slowly but surely we are finding some other structure that holds some scattered fish around. Certainly not my favorite time to fish.

Hopefully the shine will wear off a little for all these new boat owners. I’ve not been on the water much this year. (Work sucks) but it’s been crazy. Even on weekdays.

I always try a new spots. I’ll try that same spot several times at different tides before I get it up.

I am fragile. Not like a flower. But like a bomb.

22 life’s a day

Looks like Nick really wanted to buy him another rod and reel that day. HaHa I can’t believe there wasn’t another boat in that creek seen in your video. We had a boat fish very near us on Friday but they also gave us a great location they had caught the limit on trout, Nice guys from Bonneau

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