Hit Wateree this morning. Caught some bream & perch to use as bait along with some shrimp i had left over from my last trip.
Got 9 cats from 3# to 8#. Actually better than i thought we would do & caught 15 or more bream.

[navy]Sportsman Masters 207 Yamaha F150[/navy]

Sounds like y’all had a blast.
I haven’t been catfishing in years. I used to go with a neighbor but he moved to Texas. He wouldn’t go if he didn’t have live brim. I always thought you just used the stinkiest thing you could find.

I am fragile. Not like a flower. But like a bomb.

I love it. I’ve had best luck on shrimp in cooler water temps. When the water starts to get too warm the shrimp turn pink & are no good. We have a place in the spring we catch them on corks in 8 to 12ft of water & they range from 5 to 30#. It is a blast to catch them from far out away from the boat in such shallow water.

[navy]Sportsman Masters 207 Yamaha F150[/navy]