CB Monday night, not much happening

Harbor was glass, bright moon, water too clear, good outflowing current. Not really too cold and good fellowship w/ new and old friends. Best cast was 2 shrimp. Average 6-8 shrimp per RUN. Same for everyone around us. We were last to pull poles at 9PM. There were still some boats at Golf Coarse at PP as we were headed in, would be interested to hear a report from somebody there. Hope to get out 1 more time before the season ends.

We gave it a shot last night with the same results… just a few shrimp per cast. Everyone around us threw in the towel by 7:30 so we pulled up our poles and conceded. After the past few weeks of good results, I guess the cold snap and the tides messed everything up. We’ll regroup for the weekend.

Capt. Pete

Anyone go this week Tuesday thru Thursday at C B

Tried CB Tuesday night. It was pretty poor for me

Thanks DM