CBD Oil???

So does anyone have any info on whether or not this stuff works???

Word on the street is this stuff is quite effective for pain relief.

How about knee pain due to arthritis. Any general pain relief is welcome, and Thanks.


A guy I work with father n law took it to help with pain from cancer. He said it helped as an in between pain pill treatment.

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I’ve tried several brands of cbd over the last couple of years. I think and Advil works better unless you use the real deal… but that is illegal.

On the arthritis, they gave me meloxicam and it was a miracle for my Arthritis. Then they took it away because you can’t take it and a blood thinner together. It is in the same category of anti-inflammatory as Naproxen that George mentioned.

We actually give it to the dog before bed time. It mellows her out and helps her sleep well. She’s got doggie arthritis, so the vet says that stuff makes her feel much better.

I’ve never taken it, but I support anyone wanting to take a natural supplement over anything lab made. I also know there are varying qualities; you want the pure stuff without additives and fillers. Let us know your results.

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Thanks fella’s for the replies.

Youtube, talking here and texting. The best I’ve heard so far is Delta 8.

Will see, and this is not for me. And they don’t have to worry about a drug test.

I had a hip replacement after it got bad enough, now the best feeling joint in my body.

Flipped a 4-wheeler years ago and landed hard.


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Tried the oil first didn’t do anything for me switched to the cream and it seems to work better. Able to apply it on both muscles on each side of lower back. Try to get adjusted once a week too.

Had a buddy popping 2 Advil every morning until he ended up in hospital with blood in his stool so be careful.

Have you tried an inversion table? 3 minutes in the morning and 3 minutes at night will make you feel like a new man.

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Yes and sold it after I started getting adjusted. Have you tried getting adjusted? You will literally hear your spine returning to position and makes you feel like a newer man.

My wife and I have been going for about two years now, yes. She was dealing with migraines once or twice a month prior. Now she might have one a year and its far less severe. Worth every penny.

We do both at the suggestion of the chiropractor and I’ve never felt better. After 8-10 hours on the tractor, I’ll come home and get on the inversion table and and literally feel my body being stretched out and lengthened. 3-4 minutes and it feels like I wasn’t even on the tractor.

“Another poon dream splintered on the rocks of reality.” --Peepod 07-25-2017

Got a birthday coming up… was searching inversion tables… What do you guys suggest as a good one? Seems very promising.

Teeter was the first and a lot of people would say to go that route. Its simple and is a tested table for like 20-30 years. It works. I tried it and it wasn’t comfortable to me. If its not comfortable, I don’t care how dedicated you are to your health, you won’t use it as much. I’m a big guy and I wanted quality and cushion. The thing about the cushioned tables is that some people like it a lot or absolutely hate it. It depends on what you are trying to get out of it I think. Some people say that the cushion provides too much friction when you are trying to invert and stops your body from sliding down and elongating. This hasn’t been a problem for me as I go full inversion (completely upside down 180 degrees). You can also put it at 0 degrees flat and just that much will provide a lot of people with lower back relief. Some people only go to 45 degrees. Its up to you and what provides you the most results in the time you’re on the inversion table. Personally I’m fine with the cushion and prefer it. If I feel like I’m not sliding enough, I just increase the angle. Its simple to me. Plus this one I got has a friction brake that can allow you to easily and slowly lower yourself down or come back up. Its a good sense of security for people that are just starting. The one I got was like $300 with tax and you have to assemble it. Not a problem for you for sure!

This is mine:

My advice: test drive as many as you can and get the model that is the most comfortable for you on your ankles as that’s where you’ll be hanging from. When testing it out, you want the ankle braces as tight as you can get them around the most narrow part of your lower legs. As you invert,

Thanks for that detailed response and link. It’s got a 76% 5 star out of 636 reviews. I’ve always wondered about the commercials and if there was anything to em.

Wife swears I’m shrinking. Apparently so cuz I am shorter than my wife now.
She said I need to get inversion table. Maybe stretch me back out…
I guess all the years of toting shingles up ladders jumping out the back of trucks and off of equipment has taken its toll…
But as far as hurting the biggest issues are with my feet knees and hips.
This getting old thing not for wimps…

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Its all related. Stretching out that back and relieving the tension on your spine helps your body heal naturally. All the nerve endings from your spine reach out and touch everything inside your body. A heathy spine facilitates the rest of your body’s health and ability to heal properly.

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Update for Knee, arthritis pain.

Will try to lay this out there.

There are three nerves that send pain messages to the brain. Those can be identified and numbed with lidocaine, one at a time to deaden to see which ones need to be addressed. After a short time, the pain will return. It’s called Genicular Nerve Block.

With that figured out, they can then perform an RFA. Radiofrequency Ablation, where they go back to those nerves and burn them, therefore cutting the connection. What’s good news is the nerves grow back after a period of time. Been told 4-6 months for most.

This, IMO is something many are not aware of.

Updated to look it up on YouTube.