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I am looking for some input on getting a cell phone. I have put off getting a “smart” phone as long as I could but needing access to my personal email away from home now necessitates getting one. I am not looking for anything terribly fancy and really do not want to spend anymore than I have to. I mainly use my phone for talking/texting but will use whatever I get for checking email and light web surfing. I am not an idiot but don’t really keep up with cell phone technology. Here are some phones I am looking at. Any input about these phones and any other constructive/useful input would be appreciated. I am on T-Mobile so I know I need a GSM compatible phone.

LG Optimus L9, F3 & F6
Nokia Lumia 520, 720 & 800
Samsung Galaxy S Blaze, S II


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Personally, because of coverage, I ONLY use Verizon. I have family with T-Mobile, and half of them love it. The other half hate it. If you are happy at T-Mobile, stay there. Otherwise, try Verizon. Their customer service can suck sometimes, and their prices are always a little higher, but the phones work just about everywhere I’ve ever been.

Sprint-- nearly everyone hates it.

Honestly, most folks who are new to Smartphones tend to like the Samsung Galaxy types, or Apple iPhones. The iPhone probably the quickest to learn, Apple is good about being intuitive.

Android (Samsung Galaxy phones, for example), on the other hand, is a bit geekier, which is why I am an Android user.

I have a Casio Commando 4G phone that’s been pretty good after the first one I got crapped out. I’ve had this one for several months and it works flawlessly.

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Doug its time to put the flip phone to rest and get in the next decade :smiley::smiley:.
I have to say this really made me laugh. GSM compatable? LOL

If you want to stay with T-mobile just get one of their phones. I have a Galaxy S4 and S5( S5 for work, S4 is personal). They are great and I have no complaints. I would buy another one today if I need a phone.
If you do not want to stay with T-mobile, I would look into the “independent” type phones. AAA even has a service/phone, wal-mart. he11 I think ATT has a month-to-month deal now.

Good luck. and welcome to the post year 2000 :smiley::smiley:

i have the s3 on sprint network. i do not like the on-screen keyboard, have to type things over and over to get it right with my fat fingers. will be moving to verizon with a phone with a full keyboard next. was running in, looking at my phone to wait for signal… nothing… look over, guy with verizon has 3 bars of 4g.

ENT feel bad…I still have a flip phone too…but one of those sturdy rubberized ones that don’t mind being dropped in the boat or in a a basket of crabs :slight_smile:

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I’ve got a Samsung S4 for my personal phone and an i phone 5S and an i pad from work. I’m definitely not a techie but I really like the i phone. pretty simple to use and it handles all of my email accounts ( the galaxy will also) but my favorite is how the i phone links with my i pad with photos and such. My kids get a kick out of the old man trying to figure that stuff out!

Don’t laugh, but I still use my 6 yr. old Samsung flip phone from Verizon. All I use it for is making and receiving phone calls. I very rarely send texts, but do receive them regularly. I’m on the el cheapo $40 a month plan and get charged a quarter for every text, SO DON"T TEXT ME!! :smiley: I’d rather talk to you in person anyway.

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I was with Verizon and left them 3 years ago after being treated like crap. I now have 3 phones with T-Mobile with talk/text/data for less than I was paying for 2 at Verizon with only talk/text. They only issue I had with T-Mobile was poor coverage in/around my house. They sent me a signal booster (for free) and I now have 4 bars in my house. I currently have a phone that is data capable but it is not really user friendly and is slow and because I need to be able to access my email away from a computer, I need a faster more user friendly phone. There are so many phones out there, I was just looking for some info on what to avoid or what to definitely consider. Like should I stay away from windows based phones and only consider android? I can get one straight from TM but, I can get the same phones from other sources for less than half of what TM wants.

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I would pick a phone that your kids can help you with :slight_smile:
I like the Android phones. More options for phones. The S4 and S5 are very nice. and you can get the S4 cheap now.

I would pick a phone that your kids can help you with :)

Heck, that would be any. They are way past me technologically.

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Straight talk… I kicked the ATT habit and went with Straight Talk in 2010. Unlimited everything $47.89 a month including tax. Never without service, they use ATT or Verizon towers and we travel all over the USA in our work.

On a side note, I buy my android phones on line. My Samsung Galaxy shorted out and was out of warranty. Called Samsung they said sorry out of warranty BUT for $75 they will do what ever it takes to repair the phone. They replaced the LCD and the motherboard all for $75, now I basically have a new phone and it’s under warranty.

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“Unlimited everything”? I assume that is data also?
I pay $193 a month for 3 phones. unlimited talk and text and 2GB of data. But need to add a 4th phone real soon.

Iphone - verizion with the Navioncs app loaded on. I get text/phone signal out to Capers Reef area, Cell Based GPS 11 miles out - then traditional GPS kicks in. Verizion’s signal outperforms all buddies phones by 2-3 miles. GPS/Navionics is dead on, matches other boats garmin’s 100%.

I am not a super tech geek/junky. I dont need all of the droid functions and hacking abilities, the Iphone is fine - and it gets all the songs from my Ipod… So offshore my phone gets weather, GPS and plays my music.

If you want to stick with T-Mobile / spend less than $200 on a phone / buy into Android, get a Moto G. Absolutely no other phone on the market can compete at that price range. It’s loaded with just about everything but LTE, and it runs nearly stock Android - the software is miles better than what you’ll get with LG or Samsung.



I would personally stay away from the Windows phones. While the Nokias are built well and the software is pretty, there’s still not much development for Windows Phone - app availability will continue to be very limited compared to Android or iOS.

Yep, sticking with T-Mobile, can’t beat less than $100 for 3 phones. Thanks for all the input. I had not seen the Motorola phone, will definitely look at them. Thanks all.

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DFreedom if you stay with T - Moble and want a new phone, order it online not sure if you can do it by phone .Do not , do not order it from one of their stores.
You can get it a lot cheaper from online . Maybe 2-3-4- times cheaper .