CF Weight Loss Challenge july-december 2024

Im down about a pound a week on average

Mostly not drinking calories and no double woppers and fried chicken buffets, lol

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I’m actually up a couple of pounds, due to screwing up my knee, limiting my mobility.

Time to get back on track!!


Standing by for disappointment

Still hovering around 182. I don’t start putting my winter weight on until after Thanksgiving,

Speak for yourself Pea.

Haven’t seen peepad for a few days. Musta been that strong wind we had the other day. Done blowed him far away.

What happened here. Who won

Im up a couple lbs since the holidays, plus I traveled last week on a boys trip and that never bodes well on my belly, so theres that.

185 is my goal

Nobody wanted one of my hats evidently

You beat me EF1. Prednesone, and an assortment of HPB meds, has my weight loss regiment on hold, for now.

Nice to see you losing all of the weight!

Send me a hat. I lost.


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Have a seat, lol

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Awesome EF

I gotta hat for you. Really.

Good job EF
It is really hard to not get fat when you have it made.

After hiking more than 30 miles in Costa Rica, I dropped 5 pounds. Now I will try to keep it off.

All that heat, the walking, and the local diet were working in your favor it looks like.

The pics of your trip are amazing too, so vivid and informative, it’s almost like we were there too, :rofl:

I get it, I get it. I’ll post up some this weekend. It was a great trip.