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I currently keep my boat in an outdoor storage facility with no access to power. I just bought a 24 volt trolling motor and wondering how I can charge my batteries after using it. I know I could bring them home after each use, but that would be a big pain. If I bought a couple of solar charges one for each battery, would that work? Just wondering how other people who store charge theirs?


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I would think the above would be a bare minimum for charging deep-cycle marine batteries.
You got to be able get enough available amps to put a good charge when they are depleted. I always used a 10 amp charger to recharge my deep-cycle batteries in my bass boat. The above delivers just under 8 amps.

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MinnKota make’s an onboard charger that will charge the trolling batteries while you run your boat. It will depend on how much you run the trolling motor and how long you run the boat to determine if it will charge them completly. Here is a link to the charger below.

Thanks for the information guys

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Walmart has a solar charger that is very affordable. You could attach one to each battery.

These go for about $130… mounted one in my boat permanently and just plug it in when I get home.

It is a pain to carry the batteries back and forth to charge them at home, but that is what I do (although I only have one). Even though it is a hassle, I figure it is less hassle than a dead battery.

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Be cautious of cheap solar charges. Most do not have built in voltage regulators. They will overcharge and fry your batteries.