Charleston 60 reef marker awol, due to Hermine?

Went out to the 60 today, and surprisingly, the wind wasn’t bad! Crazy, I know. We used my buddy’s boat with his new Simrad, and had to enter the reef coordinates. We thought we were way off, because we couldn’t find the reef buoy… But we were correct, it’s just gone. Caught a few grouper, a nice bsb, and a 20" flounder. It’s new fishing to us, so I consider it a decent trip. How long does it take for those markers to be replaced?

Nice trip to the 60 if the grouper were keeper size

Grouper were 20" or so, vented and released. Ironically, we were trying to hook up with some ajs, just for fun but thru didn’t want to come out to play.

That bouy was missing before Hermine. Lot of spades,cudas,but haven’t seen the aj schools in a while.

what did the flounder eat?

Think DNR removed all the buoys. They are gone at anglers, E 60, E offshore, etc… as well. Probably to save money or something, reduce maintenance costs.

They’re gone down south too. No buoys on L/CCA/KC/J…I guess too many people running over them at night. I used to look for them when I ran by compass.

thats strong for 60.

It was my boat we went out on. Drift fished the several of the bottoms, mainly found the barge productive. Was stoked to see groupers coming up, ended up with 4 that were all vented/released. Went over to the APCs and caught the flounder on a whole finger mullet. Tagged the flounder and returned it to the depths.

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DNR has not abandoned putting and maintaining buoys on the artificial reefs they are required by their ACOE permits. Their main research and working vessel was on the hill for the last 9 months. I am sure they will get to them eventually probably just in time for them to be blown away over the winter.