Charleston Yak Anglers Logo

Hey everyone, since I am putting these tournaments together under a club title, I thought we oughta have some type of logo. Next years event will have a t-shirt and before too long I will be sending out the sponosrship requests for it and would like to have a logo of some sort. I was thinking of something along the lines of a kayak angler overlaid on the SC flag or something, post ideas here and we’ll vote on them.

How about a guy paddling but instead of paddle blades have the state flag and american flag. Or have a guy fighting a fish with his rod bent down and have a flag flapping in the wind off the stern.

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great ideas, know anyone who could do the artwork and make and electronic copy of it?

Thats why they call it fishing, not catching

I do some graphics type stuff besides my photography… I’ll see what I can work up for you guys and post them here… I may have to get together with some of you guys for some pix to work with though… I’ll get some stuff together and let you know.

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Hey, I like “Faith & Grace”'s idea. but, how 'bout instead of the state flag in the paddle,…how ‘bout "a black shadow or silotte of a kayak fisherman,(centered in the design), with a shadow of a Palmetto Tree (on the right side)with some Saw Grass (in the foreground), and the moon (on the left upper corner) as a cresent. Then maybe workin’ the US Flag, as a “ghost” or “water mark”, in the background sky? I do some Graphic work, I’ll see if I can whip something up…but please feel free to run with this.

What do ya’ll think about calling the club the Lowcountry Paddle anglers or LCPA for short. This would incorporate our yak fishing bretheren from Beaufort, Hilton Head, etc.?? does not seem to exist.

Low Country Yak Anglers??? looks to be available as well.

Just a thought, What do ya’ll think???