on Carolina Wild Side’s own Tim Pickett will be on tonight’s Carolina Wild Side on Comcast C2. The show airs every Thursday from 7-8pm and is always available on web tv at We had Tim in to talk about the website’s success and how it has become such an institution over the last decade.

In the studio this week (to air next week) , we have Kim Iverson from the SAFMC, Robert Wiggers from SCDNR, Courtland Babcock (talkin bout the bus, rally, and t-shirt fundraiser), and Mike Able on the phone. I may have my hands full with this one! We’re also having Capt. Peter Brown skype in with a report and tips and Brad Cromartie in the studio to showcase his Superstick.

Sounds good. I don’t have Comcast, so I have never heard about this show. Thanks for the info.

Fishb8 (Fish Bait)

23 Sea Hunt “My Last Boat V”

If you can’t stand behind our soldiers, try standing in front of them.

I missed the show this week, but the last one I saw was great. Keep up the good work!

Great segment about this site, Tim appears in segment #3.