Charter fishing captain opportunity in USVI

Ocean Surfari Charters in St Thomas, US Virgin Islands is looking for a motivated, experienced charter captain to fill a position running one of our 37’ inboard diesel Calypso center console charter fishing boats. We are looking for an experienced fisherman and licensed captain (OUPV Near Coastal license is necessary but preference is given to 50 ton Master Near Coastal) who wants to make a full time move to the Virgin Islands. OS runs all kinds of fishing trips from 10hr hardcore offshore fishing trips with very experienced fishermen to 4hr inshore light tackle trips with families who have never been on a boat before so flexibility is key.

The ideal candidate:
is able to ensure the guests have an enjoyable and productive fishing experience on their vacation.
can repeatedly OPEN a 12’ cast net to catch live bait each day.
consistently catch plenty of fish.
safely operate and maintain a single screw inboard center console solo (no mate)
does not know everything about saltwater fishing and is willing to learn how we fish.
wants to work a lot (4-6 days a week) and make good money doing so.

Check us out on Facebook, Tripadvisor and Google to see what we are about. If you think this is a good opportunity for you, shoot me a message.

You say “no mate”, is that just for the occasion that you may not have one? Sounds like a pretty cool opportunity for the right person! Hope you are doing well, sounds like you are truly living the outdoorsman’s dream.

I run the boat solo without a mate. I find a mate on a CC just gets in my way and confuses things.

We are looking for another qualified candidate to move down and join us for this upcoming season. We expect to be very busy. in 2019 we ran 933 trips, and while this has been an odd year for traveling and closures, we are looking forward to 1000+ trips in 2021. If you know anyone interested, have them send a resume to

opening a 12’ net excludes almost everyone on here. I’ve seen a few of you who can’t open the 5’er. you know who you are.

I would have jumped on that 10/15years ago. It’s not so much throwing a pancake. it’s.hauling it back in the boat full of fish

I am fragile. Not like a flower. But like a bomb.

I have fished with Ocean Surfari and can attest that they run a solid operation from the customer perspective at least. Hope you all find another great Captain to add to your team!