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Hey all –

I’m brand new to the forum, someone from recommended this site to me. I’m coming to Myrtle Beach the weekend of June 15-19, and my brothers and I are looking to take my dad out for a half day of fishing while we are there.

First off, is offshore or inshore a better bet to catch fish in mid-June? We’d love to get on bigger fish if there’s a really, really good chance we get on them. If there’s not, we’d prefer quantity over quality.

Second, like i mentioned we are looking to do a half day trip, four of us in total, and spend $1,000 or less. From experience, how does that sound in terms of feasibility?

Any suggestions on captains or certain charters? I’m very receptive and I’m putting my faith in you forum members because CapMel in Florida has been great to me thus far.

Thanks, and I appreciate in advance all your responses!

Under forums, click on “to the north” and the you might want to repost this in the Georgetown/Grand Strand section. You will probably get some more detailed responses in there as that is the location you will be in. Good luck, and I’m sure you will have a great time.

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…the harbor was slick as an eel pecker.

Thanks Ayejoe

There’s a reason it’s called fishing and not catching

If you dont mind driving to Charleston, SC got HookD charters Capt. Austin Proudfoot can put you on the fish for a reasonable price Give Him a Call (508)237-9399 Good luck Fish have been hungry lately!