Chartreuse works too

Finally got a few hours to get out on the water. Tides are running 2 ft over prediction, so a lot of water out there, and dirty, making catching tough. Today I continued to fish the Slick Lure, this time in a chartreuse color. It works :slight_smile:

This take was amazing. I had cast out and retrieved the lure most of the way back. Then started winding in fast to make another cast. As the lure got about 3 ft from the boat/surface this 31" red charged up from the depths and crushed it. I guess she didn’t want it to get away. That was fun. Slick Lure again.


awesome report. thanks!

Your truck was parked next to mine. You had better success than me (no surprise). I caught about a dozen trout, only two keepers around 15". Water was dirty and I never could find any type of pattern. Maybe, after watching your video, I went too far down towards the harbor, about half way. It sure was a beautiful day to be on the water.

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TBH I was glad to catch what I did. I don’t think you made a bad decision. March is typically a difficult time to pattern anything in my experience. And this year is weird - everything is early I think.

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Or it ain’t no use… Nice and hearty fishes too!

I agree on March, real hit or miss it seems. Still, days like yesterday dont even need fish cauggtto enjoy, the fish just make it a little sweeter.

MDL as far as i’m concerned, catching a dozen of any kind of fish is a success! I’m just glad to hear at least some of ya’ll have been able to get out there and get em.

I pray my youngen doesn’t read this and make me go out on Sunday afted the rain…I got turkeys on the brain right now and this is a big wrench thrown into the pot. Love the pics


GREAT report as usual, gave details too, thanks.

Reds on topwater almost anytime huh?


Do you add scent to the Slick lure? I was impressed with the fish you caught in dirty water. I fish around the Coosaw River and St. Helena sound and the water seems dirty here almost all the time except cold winter water.

Nice report Dave. You seem to have them dialed in

Optiker, I saw you were out while getting rid of some oyster shell yesterday. Thanks for the update. I received my hooks and looking forward to getting on the water once Brian completes my install. Should have the Rat back by mi-week. In the meantime I’ll stock up on some tackle. See you soon

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We’ll be looking for those flounder posts.

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You gotta have a good knot and proper drag when that happens! Good report!

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No scent added!

Not gonna lie - I was a little concerned :wink:

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Had to be a leader with Palomar knot and FG knot!?!? Lol.

I’m guessing a modified Albright?
Both ends.

Cool Beans as well