Chasing Trout and Reds today

Left the dock at 0800 air temp was 48.Arrived at My Trout spot at at 0815.Water temp was 52.Right then I knew it was going to be a tough day.We gave it a shot and cast for about an hour moving in and around good areas the hold fish.I was using Opening Night on a cork float with about an 18 inch drop over submerged shell beds.I have had a lot of nice fish caught using this set up.No hang ups and good solid strikes.However today was a wash out.Put the boat back on the lift at 1130.No fish,no blow ups just cold (**() wind and water.

Still better than sitting at work.

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F/V Tinny will live forever

stonoman sittin at work? Haha

I feel your pain. I went yesterday morning. Went back to the same little spot where I hammered two weeks ago. Water was very muddy and cold. My temp gauge read 46.5. I had tied on my go to bait, the 1/4 oz. Vudu Vixen, pearl with chartreuse tail. I cast for a few minutes, but my confidence level was absolute ZERO! All that fresh, muddy water is not conducive to trout fishing…in my opinion. I used good judgement and left after wasting no more than 20 minutes. I won’t go back there under those conditions again. Lesson learned. Came home with clean ice.

Harold Wilcox
Harold Wilcox

great to see you post Stonoman.

we met you on the water several times over the years.

one time was in front of patriots point. you had 3 wimmen on board, 2 in bikinis. circa 2007. my sons were 10’ish at the time. they still talk about you with a boat load of hot women. you were probably 60’ish back then. I’ve got a picture somewhere

son #1 “i can’t tell if he can fish, but he’s got other game”

Good to see you posting again!!! But sorry you had a cold fishless morning! It’s been cold and windy lately.

we waved at you, but you just kept cruising …

Those are his “anchor” pullers! Good to see ya posting again Stonoman

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