Cheap Gas?

That would be great considering I just picked up a new car that gets 15 mpg.

Speaking of gas prices. Our natural gas rates secretly went up about 20%-25% this year. I was shocked as I used way less fuel this winter but my bill was the same as last year. Something about running low of stock. Trump needs to do something about that.

Let’s get Fracking!

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woo hoo - natural gas pricing is interesting, the price is somewhat stabilized based on weather

first “normal” weather gas sales are calculated, then when weather is above or below normal the price is adjusted to provide the utility with stable revenue

when weather is milder than normal, like the last couple months, the cost of gas rises, likewise, for the past 3 winters when weather was worse than normal the price was reduced

why?? this prevents big swings in firm rates and delayed reaction to weather, the goal is that over a long period of time the cost of either method is the same, the regulators monitor this and do a good job of making sure it’s fair

please understand this is a simplified description of how it’s done but hopefully you understand the concept

the amount of gas being produced is not the problem, there is a glut, the problem is the lack of pipe in the ground to deliver the gas, until more pipe is added all the ■■■■■ gas doesn’t do much good

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