Cheapest place/website to buy shark tackle?

Shark season is back and I need to stock back up on gear.
I need some new 20/0 Mustad circle hooks ASAP.
Whats the cheapest website you’ve found for shark gear?


How bout a local place? Why not support local business?

Hard to find any places around me that have the tackle I need.
I live in Myrtle so if you know of any places near by i’ll check them out but all the places I’ve been to generally don’t have larger shark tackle except for bass pro and even then they don’t have everything.

If they dont have it I’m sure they can get it for you in a couple of days.

when you say shark tackle do you mean like large wire leaders that will hold up to a good sized shark? If so, My brother makes his own and has his own small business out of Myrtle Beach.

If you wanna check out his site it’s

He’s always catching big sharks in Myrtle and Georgetown.

Good luck guys!

Haha yeah I know your brother I’ve gone fishing with him a few times.

Small world out there. Ask him where he gets his stuff and maybe he can point you in the right direction. Or I can ask him if you’d like.