Cherry Point 10/12 w/ pics

Starting running poles around 7:30p and pulled around 11:30p. Had some new folks with us to experience the adventure of shrimp baiting. Full cooler of big to jumbo…

big one:



what body of water did you shrimp? my wife and i used to do exceptionally well up bohicket creek past the marina and the big sandbar that crosses the creek. i have heard a few homeowners doing well off their docks but have yet to venture south. considering my recent luck in bull’s bay that might change soon. mike

was going to ask the same things. I recently moved from james island to johns island. I have shrimped the harbor all my life, but this year has been so sorry in the harbor i am thinking of trying somewhere else. Could you maybe give me a pointer as to where to shrimp out of cherry point? Thanks

Put in at the landing go to the left like out towards the ocean/beach area look to your left follow the grass line until you come to the mouth of privateere[sp] creek,go up into the creek about 100 yards set up on the left side,if I remember correctly there is a hard sandy area that droppes off down to a muddy bank area.Or you can run the river up to the Dawhoo Bridge and find areas along the way,or leave the landing and go the right,up around the bend and set up on the right side of the river,just have to watch out for the oyster beds but either area is a good place to shrimp.Hope this helps ya out.

Double D.

This year has been quite busy down south compared to years past.

We have seen boats on both sides of the river, close to the ocean near Seabrook, all the way up to the bridge and even in the side creeks. Couple older guys shrimp in a couple of the side creeks during the daylight. I am not sure there is one particular spot that is better than the other. We all seem to either do pretty good and sometimes it is slow for everyone.

We counted 34 boats 2 weekends ago and they were spread out over a couple miles in each direction.

Good luck!


“Mess with the best… get hooked like the rest!”

“Why’s it gotta be this way?”

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