clark Hill yesterday

Went to the hill yesterday trying to do what we did last week! Put in at Elisa Clark park wow the water was up, and the concrete picknic tables were 1/2 under water, was told that the causeway to parksville ramp was under water! The water was 53.2 Deg. and muddy. Rode up the lake to Murry Creek and saw no birds, the went up to Broad river and Pistol creek where we caught fish last week, no luck rode down to Fishing creek on the Ga side and went way back in, found good water and lots of working birds but couldn’t hook a fish! Wish I had gotten some live bait! The main river channel was full of large floating logs and we had to crawel along some times. The bait man at Mccormic had some nice 8" Gizzard shad and lots of herring and trout> Better luck net week I hope, Ready to go to Costa Rica!!