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Does anyone have a trick to keep the line from twisting while dragging Clarke Spoons I have asked and been asked this question and tried different things but the line keeps twisting.

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try a trolling weight…

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Try a 1 to 2 oz. sinker on your line ahead of a 3’ flouro leader with a good swivel on each end. It is best to use a black swivel on the sinker end and a chrome swivel on the spoon end. Attach the spoon to the chrome swivel with a split ring. This works well unless you get some grass hung on both swivels. Usually the grass will hang on the first swivel.

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Like the other guys said, add an in-line trolling weight into this mix. And, like Fletch says . . . it’s all ball bearings. This set up has worked well for me:

** ball bearing snap swivel at end of main line.
** clip the main line to an in-line trolling sinker. Play with the amount of weight you want.
** Connect the leader to the inline sinker with another ball bearing snap swivel.
**Tie 6 feet (one outstretched arm length, actually less than 6 feet for me!) of leader to that snap swivel.
** Tie that to a regular ball bearing swivel
** Tie 12 feet of leader to that swivel on one end and the spoon on the other end. Tie the leader directly to the ring eye on the spoon.

This makes a really long rig that requires you to hand line for 18’ or so. You can scale it down, but I like the ratio of X’ ahead of swivel and 2X feet behind it.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the info I will try it this weekend if the wind lets up

Tibona 20
Twin 90 E-TEC’s