Clarks Hill Lake

Headed to Clarks Hill for a long weekend. Any crappie tips would be appreciated…lol. I go there maybe once a year so I assure you I will not wear out any hot spots.

Yes I know they changed the name to Thurmond, it just doesn’t mean as much to me as the Hill

You might’ve missed the " hot" bite, by a couple of weeks?

If the Crappie have moved back off the bank, try brush piles in 10 to 12 feet of water.

It’s usually slow after the spawn, until they school back up. Then the night fishing seems best.

Good Luck!

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““The hill”” is FAMOUS for Stripers, 20-30 lber’s. Book a guide if possible, or ask the tackle shops where to go and what to do right now.

If i ever got to the hill no way I would miss the Striper fishing…

Stripers are fun. I grew up on Lake Hartwell and have fished them plenty. I will try to get on some this weekend, my priority is getting on the water fishing and enjoying Gods creation. I just love the crappie fishing for some reason, and living at Edisto Beach doesn’t afford much opportunity.

A buddy was there last week and caught lots of spotted bass and sub legal stripers trolling herring across the points, 1-2kts with planer boards did the best

Guide chatter was that the big fish have already moved to the dam

Wish I had crappie advice but they were only after striper