Coastal Carolina Wheelchair Bound Fisherman!

The Coastal Carolina Saltwater Anglers has a new kid in our club and this is what happened!

We have weekly events called “Fishing Friday” where the whole club goes fishing on Friday! The club has a member who’s name is Louie and he is wheel chair bound. We pick him up and carry him down the beach about half a mile to come fish with us because our club is all about making memories and having fun with each other. We don’t think twice about helping out a fellow student have one of the best days of his life! I honestly did not think it was a big deal, until his mom sent an email to the President of the University! We do it for fun, not for the attention, but I have made a video of the special day!

Share with friends because we believe here that anything is possible with a little perseverance and determination.

That’s what its about. I am glad to see the fishing club going strong. I was a member back in 1988-1990. Don Millus(sp) started it years before I got there. We fished once a year offshore against Yale, Clemson, and Francis Marion to name a few. We also had a bass fishing tournament against Francis Marion in the summer.

Saltwater fisherman landlocked in Inman!

That’s a good deed for sure.
Great Video…:smiley:

Great job!


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