Cobia recipes

I happened upon a little bit of Cobia.

Let’s here some recipes!!!


Let’s Fish

Cobia Crudo, I believe its an Italian take off of ceviche, thin slice good clean meat, top with thinly sliced jalepenos, tangerines, minced garlic & ginger, white balsamic vinegar, white truffle oil, and soy in shallow dish. Let sit for like ten minutes, really good.

Marinate in cesar dressing overnight grill fish seasoned with old bay, garlic salt, pepper, and parmsean cheese. The key is not to over cook it.

pay attention to the thread on our trip north this weekend in the reports section…there was some cobia cooked.


I’d like to thank my dad for coming, and my mom for being there.

Try this one out: Mix wasabi (paste found in the ethnic isle), mayo, and chopped fresh green onions, a little ground pepper and sea salt - brush onto your filets - place on tin-foil sprayed with PAM and grill - as always, don’t overcook. Should have a slight kick, use the extra mixture to top your cooked filets if desired.