Colt AR-15

WTB. Colt AR-15
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Preference of model? Perhaps LE6920?

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Would prefer the a4. But the 6920 would do. Would swap out the stock.

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I might have a Vietnam era SP01 (4 digit serial number) that I would rate in 90 to 95%. Thought that I had it sold on another forum but have not heard back for the buyer. Price is $2,000. Everything is original.

If interested, PM me and I can get you some pictures.

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I want to direct you to some good folks who look out for the military and LE community a LOT.

Check out quanitco tactical. They provide deep discounts for LE / Military.

I can’t advertise here, but if you need help in the process, give me a shout, I will do everything in my power to save you some money and handle the transfer for you.

Wadmalaw native
16’ Bentz-Craft Flats Boat