brims was slayed

beers was drank

large times was had

Good times, I can almost hear the banjos!

________________________ 1966 13' Boston Whaler "Flatty" 2018 Sportsman Masters 207 #predatorsstriketheeye

I stopped at Sugar Hill landing on the way back from Corner Lake,on Sunday,must have been 20-25 trucks there,looked like duck season.

You can't catch fish on a dry line

brings back memories!

That’s a nice one! That’s the size big enough to fillet.

We didn’t keep any redbreast, used to have the kill ‘em all mentality and lost it over the years… at least for swamp fishin’. Most of the hens I saw were just about to bust with eggs, pretty much as fat as I’ve seen. Redbreast roe is fantastic if anybody out there likes fish eggs though. I know Fred don’t!

I did keep a few big ole bluegill to bring home for the kids, fed 3 first graders a lunch of fried bream and pickles from the garden yesterday, and I picked out the rest for a huge sammich today :+1:

this one’s for Fred:

Outstanding barb, I don’t care to clean a bunch of fish either, and they taste better when they’re fresh.How bout posting that there pickle recipe, I just picked my first cucumbers the other day.

Thanks, S. I am still using your vinegar/pepper sauce recipe that i adapted a bit to my tastes, has won quite a few people over to the BBQ Darkside

I just looked up some simple refrigerator pickle recipes online and kind of combined the parts that sounded good. The rugrats like nothing but dill, salt, and sugar on theirs. My “daddy jars” get the following for packing quarts:

1.5C water
3-5T vinegar (i used cider)
1.5T salt without iodine
2t peppercorns
1-2t red pepper flakes
1 bay leaf
a bunch of smashed garlic cloves
a bunch of fresh dill
4-5 med/lg cukes

Heat up everything but the dill and garlic to at least simmering, then let it cool again. pour over cukes packed with dill and garlic, then try to wait at least 2-3 days to eat them. Kinda like TP, the production around here is far from keeping up with demand at the moment.

Gonna experiment with pickling some of my smaller onion bulbs and hot peppers this year too.

I am hoping to get some tomatoes soon for those fish sammiches, but the cukes are my favorite of all. Just hoping this storm today doesn’t bring any hail!

Man, I love to nibble those crispy fins and tail.

Hey barbawang,I see your picture of that nice redbreast,but did you catch more copperhead bream than redbreast on the trip?I have not been to Combahee this year but have noticed there seems to be less redbreast and more bream in Edisto,Black and Lynches lately.Any one else noticed this?Got any ideas on why?

I always heard the flathead catfish were hard on the redbreast population.

Pioneer 222 Sportfish Yamaha 250

Maybe that’s it LE,redbreast may be easier to catch for the big cats.We need more drunken redneck bush hook fellas camping out and catching more cats.haha.I just can’t do it anymore.I did have a big cat grab a redbreast I had on the line last year,tore the gears out of my ultralight rig.

We caught a fair mix of both, but I think overall more quality redbreast than bluegill.

They seemed to have slightly different holding spots, at least for the fact that I always fall back to slip corking with bait. The redbreasts were super tight to the bank on steep edges and the gills seemed to be in the dead pockets. I’d say we targeted more of the former habitat and less of the latter this time around, so that may account for it.

Found pockets of bluegill where we could pull 10 of em, but rarely got more than a couple redbreasts off a good looking spot. Not surprised, those little rivers still manage to produce bream day in and day out for the folks working it, and there’s plenty of us now. Saw a few stumpknockers, shellcrackers, and mollies too, but i regret to report that I got lazy and never targeted a jackfish. Hardly anybody caught a crappie and there’s usually a mix of them too.