Combo trip

Went with a buddy this morning for sheeps.

Had 150+ fiddlers and 2hrs of ebb tide.

Caught burrfish, puffers, pinfish, croaker, toadfish, BSB, little gag, and a lot of small sheeps

Managed one smedium sheep for the box before we ran out of bait, which was surprising and a bit disappointing.

Drop back to plan B a little later than I wanted. Went to the trucks to get nets and then found the daymaker action


Whoa! Where did you find my shrimp? All I can find cast netting now is finger mullet.

Hey, you turned a not so good day into a good day.

That’s what I’m talking about! Forget the sheepies!

On a side note, I’ve had the same results with sheepshead lately. Random small fish, but never on fire, and no keepers.

Pretty impressive Hall of shrimp.
I know somebody’s eating good.

Oh Yeah! Like the Kool-aid Man says! Thats what im talking about​:muscle::+1:

That dang wang ,was that a try net you all went back and got?haha I’m just jealous,good job sonny.