Coming home to Charleston

I am moving back to Charleston SC to be close to family this September from the USVI where I have been involved in the charter fishing and tourism industry for almost a decade. I am in the middle of selling my portion of a charter business now and just sold my personal boat so I will have no assets other than my truck which I may or may not ship back to the states. This move was unanticipated and has only been decided for the last month due to a breakup so I am trying to put a good plan together for when I make the move.

I want to start a business to work for myself and have been bouncing a few ideas around but am looking for advice from people who have made a radical location and career switch before. I am excellent in customer service, pretty mechanically inclined, very used to long odd hours and love to work with my hands as opposed to sitting in front of a computer at a desk. I am not opposed to leaving the marine industry and have upwards of $200k liquid capital to invest in starting the right business. I am also open to working for someone who is looking to retire in the next few years to learn a business with the opportunity to purchase.

So I guess my questions for the forum are…

For those of you in the coastal SC or GA area, what services do you struggle to find good reliable companies to work with?

What industries are underserved in this area?

Any wisdom for this type of move?

Hell yeah, I heard from Mr Johnny that you were coming back! Sorry for the circumstances but we’re stoked to hear of your impending return

I’ve said for quite a while that the industries I see in Charleston with major growth potential are landscaping, health care, dock building, and ecotourism

Hope I didn’t step on any CF toes there… see ya soon Rap

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It has become ■■■■ near impossible to find good heating and air technicians. I have seen W-2’s for over $100k! That is for a lead tech with his share of OT. NATE certified etc.

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Welcome home

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